Sep 12, 2017

kyoto & osaka on film

I spent three days in the charming Kansai region at the end of August, and I brought along my new Contax G1 to document my short but pleasant solo adventures in Kyoto and Osaka. Scroll along to witness beautiful kimonos, much greenery, and the natural beauty of 35mm.

Yummy octopus and cheese sticks in Arashiyama.

The warm-hearted, talented, and comical chef behind the delicious omurice of Kichi Kichi. Thank you for the delightful experience (and letting me in without a reservation) ~

Probably saw more selfie sticks than bamboo on this trip...

% Arabica in Arashiyama was poppin'! Didn't try their coffee, but their chilled lemonade was very refreshing and quite necessary on that hot and humid day. Also, nothing beats the coffee shop's gorgeous view. Lucky baristas! Dream job right there.

His and hers.

The last photo is my favorite. I don't know why, but when I was shuffling through these prints, this captured moment put a smile on my face. :)

Started my fall semester at International Christian University in Tokyo last week and I'm already busy with classes and schoolwork. Hopefully I can find the time here and there to explore the city and stop by pretty coffee shops ~