Dec 31, 2014

new beginnings

A new beginning.

Hi, hello. Here I am, once again, in dire need of a fresh start.

This is inspinkle.
I want to create with purpose. I am here to not only inspire, but also motivate, empower, and listen. I am here to be a friend.

To commemorate the wonderful year of 2014, here is a compilation of photos from these past few months.

I did some pretty crazy things this year, like chopping off fifteen inches of my hair (sigh). I also taught English to high school students in South Korea and attended a UNICEF training session in New York City, woohoo! On Christmas Eve, I opened a "check your doorstep" gift for the first time thanks to a group of incredible friends. There are so many other people and things I'm grateful for... thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I have a long road ahead of me, filled with even greater moments of happiness and equally greater obstacles.
Cheers to the greater 2015. Bring it on.