Jun 23, 2015

hand painted tees for sale

I have a big, big, big announcement!

Over the past few weeks, I've been a worrywart over quite a huge dilemma: how in the world am I going to start saving up for my insanely expensive college tuition?

Well, here's one of the ways I came up with. I'm opening an Etsy shop, where I'll be selling hand painted T-shirts specially made for the artsy souls. Each tee is going to be meticulously and diligently hand painted by me just for you! I use 100% cotton t-shirts and acrylic paint as my medium.

Do you think you can help this gal out?

Introducing, my first four designs: the leaf, the watermelon, the pineapple, and the galaxy.
I was inspired by popular graphic tee designs from top-of-the-market brands today, like Urban OutfittersAsos, and more.

Each purchase will be ready to ship within three business days. Instructions on how to wash the shirt will be sent to you in your package. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to message me! I'll reply ASAP.

Now, the best part. I have a special coupon code exclusively for my blog readers:


You'll get $3 off your purchase (ends July 31st). If I receive a great response, I'll be adding more designs. Fingers crossed!

To all of my customers: THANK YOU! You're the very very best ~