Aug 28, 2016


The off-the-shoulder trend made a notable comeback this summer. It's lovely, feminine, and effortlessly fashionable. Along with this lookbook of a post, I decided to compile a short styling video of three off-the-shoulder tops I currently own. Click the video below for a more detailed overview of this easy breezy silhouette.

HEIZE x DEAN is magic ~

E F F O R T L E S S   C H I C

White makes any outfit instantly clean, minimal, and chic. I found this gorgeous white off-the-shoulder top on YesStyle (snag your own here), and it was an absolute steal—$14! You can dress down by pairing it with denim shorts, or you can dress up by slipping into black skinny jeans and strapping on sky high heels.

S U N S E T   B L V D

I was immediately reminded of the sun and the beach when I saw the color of this cropped off-the-shoulder top. It's a fantastic sunset orange, and thus to play along with that theme I paired this top with your typical California girl's high waisted denim shorts. For a more ethereal and elegant look, try a flowy maxi skirt. Apologies that I can't link you this top—I bought it online from Forever 21 but I can't seem to find it again.

L O V E L Y   S T R I P E S

I went insane when I happened upon this adorable striped off-the-shoulder top on YesStyle. How cute is that bow?! I went even more insane when I saw the price tag. 10 bucks guys, 10 bucks (get yours here). To keep the lovely vibe, I matched this piece with two different skirts. Honestly, I think it will go perfectly with any bottom that's a solid color.


P.S: Yes, if you couldn't tell already... online shopping is my guilty pleasure. *sheepish face*