Aug 21, 2016

what to do on melrose

If you're in town, Melrose Avenue is the street to see. Stretching across West Hollywood, Melrose is lined with chic shops and #instagramworthy stops. I met up with my blogger buddy Shirley of Classified Closet to create this awesome collaboration (first one ever!). Here are a couple of the locations I suggest you visit for your visual pleasure, and make sure to check out Shirley's cool blog post and video to find out her recommendations as well.

Short but sweet! I love Melrose and once you visit, I hope you will too.

A L F R E D   C O F F E E

Situated between rows of trees along an alleyway-like road called Melrose Place is a "stylish yet whimsical coffee shop" (directly quoted from Google) called Alfred Coffee. You may or may not have already heard their sweet tagline: But first, coffee. Serving not only a great selection of blends but also juices, pastries, and cute merchandise, Alfred is the place to be to study, work, or just chill with your friends. Their cold brew is Stumptown's. Mmm.

T H E   P I N K   W A L L

Also known as the retail store Paul Smith, this popping pink building is a must for your feed. It's so bright that the color of its walls reflects off the buildings around it. It's a gorgeous pink aura. Make sure to respect the space though, because lots of people crowd around every day for their snaps. Have you ever seen so much pink?

M A D E   I N   L A

Further down Melrose you'll discover this beautiful wall on the side of the trendy furniture store Cisco Home. If you're a Los Angeles native, pose for the camera and share your LA pride with your social media acquaintances! Don't forget to visit the inside too.